Cards Unit

Head of department : Rawia Elmahy Gobara Saleim

The Cards Unit was established in last 2001 and officially opened in the early 2002 by producing cc employee's card. Consequently unit has embarked on project of precluding cards for students of college of technology & human Development which reached to 10000 cards. Upon success of this project, the unit was assigned by the university administrator with the duty of producing student's cards for all college in the academic year 2000/2003 in addition to the employee's cards. The enforce and op to now, the unit is progressing well in this respect by producing 50000 cards for students and 3000 cards for employees annually.

Further, the unit has carried out number of projects outside the university in collaboration with Kosh Company, particularly, produce of the medical cards for police. Moreover, the unit produced cards for employees of University of Western Kordufan. The unit has also established a similar unit a university of Alzaeem Alazhari.

The unit is progressing with the course of time and now can produce more than 3000 cards per day due to possession of sophisticated.

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