Technical support and Networks

Head of department : Mohsin Mohyeldeen Hassan Khaliel

Department of Technical Support & Network
The Technical Support Unit:
The executed projects:
* Maintenance and fellow-up of computer sets, SUDAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY.
* Assembly project of computer sets, SUDAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004.
* Assembly project of computer sets for the staff, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004.
* Maintenance of fellow-up of computer sets, Ministry of Education, Ministry of higher Education.

Training is one of the most stable activities because of availability of all fundamentals which are manifested in the human resources. Three persons are trained monthly; consequently, the number of trainees has reached to 18 persons including students of Military Technology.

Performance of notification closet exceeds 80% due to weakness of means of transport and equipment. Up to date, the percentage of general maintenance has exceeded 90% in spite of obstacle and lack of the equipment. Further, the deans of the college to pay dues of the maintenance.

The Network Unit:
The executed projects:
* The republican palace network group.
* Banatin Company network.
* Sust website.
* Higher Education website.
* Suna website.
* College of Business Studies Laboratories network.
* College of Engineering network SUDAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY.
* College of Education Building network.
* Evaluation study for network of Ministry of investment, a proposal of executing the network.
* Feasibility Study for the haj and Omra network.
* Feasibility Study for the higher Education network.
* Design of Electronic website.
* Design of website for Ministry of Instruction and Awqaf.

Academic Programs: