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The Computer Center was established in 1992 as one of the centers affiliated to the university administration. The objective behind establishment of the Center was to promote IT inside the university. The Center has extended its activities in the fields of IT through Cementing relations with institutions and ministries

Departments of the Center:

Work of the Center differs that from of colleges and centers of the university became it concentrates on the commercial service , therefore ,its departments attach importance to acceleration of rendering service and gaining bereft for both the university as well as the center . the center includes a number of the following technical , developing and administrative department:

The Software department:-
This department plays a pioneering role in promoting work becouse software's help access , keeping and confidentiality of information . consequently , the department is establishing specialized systems and programmers for bodies inside and outside the university besides preparing database .

The Network and technical support department:-
This department includes a number of units manifested in the following:-

The technical support unit:
This unit is providing both the university and the center with computer sets as wellas assembling and maintaining these computer for the university the Centers the teaching staff and the contractual bodies .

The Network unit:
This unit is assigned with of internal and external networks by connecting the different campuses of the university because networks are considered to be the real infrastructure for technology applications. Further, the unit is designing and developing the internet websites addition to providing feasibility studies for projects related with networks.

The cards unit:
This unit is responsible for producing the Center employees cards. Then, the unit has embarked on course of producing for students of college of technology and Human Development. Consequently, it has assumed project of producing cards for students of all colleges and. The university employees cards .the unit has executed a number of projects outside the university .

The training department :
This is one of the most important units of the Center because it trains and qualifies the human cadres which are considered the dynamic force for all activities. The unit is responsible for awarding ICDL for qualified individuals as well as eliminating computer illiteracy for the university leaders.

the Researches and development Department:
This department is divided in to:-
The project unit:
This unit is responsible for feasibility studies prepared by the center for the different institutions and ministries Internality the unit is assigned with the IT projects.
The Researches and Development Unit:-
This unit is aiming at keeping abreast with the quick technological development, opening windows in field of the technology science and preparing studies and researches the center administrative unites include:-

The center secretary:
He is responsible for the administrative supervision regarding dealing and projects of the different departments in the center.
The accounting unit:
This unit is very essential because it's responsible for all the financial dealing, financing the various projects in the centre, collecting revenues and preparing the center annual budged